Saturday, February 05, 2005

Altoids tin hacks

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Altoids MP3 player

I used to have a lover who carried his condoms in a tin similar to Altoids only it said Celestial Seasonings. That amused the hell out of me.
Yep, I used my tin for pot as well. Wash with soap and warm water, store pot in tin in sandwich baggie.

I had a dream the other night that I got a bag of pot and it was the greenest stuff, with crazy bright fresh blood red hairs. I never got a chance to smoke it, my girlfriend called and woke me up.

Stupid pot, I don't smoke you anymore. Get out of my dreams, biatch!.
I keep Altoids and even Penguin Mints tins because they make for very useful storage -- I have one for all the covers I have for USB plugs and stuff, but most notably I have a portable medicine cabinet in my Altoids tin I carry with me to school:

* Alcohol swabs, for disinfecting (2)
* Cotton pads, for bleeding (2)
* Kleenex, to dampen noise of pills (1)
* Q-tips, for all their uses (2)
* Imodium AD tablets, for diarrhea (2)
* Extra-strength Tylenol tablets, for pain (2)
* Dallergy ER, 12hr prescription allergy pill (1)
* Pepsid AC, antacid (1)

I have the alcohol on the bottom, then the cotton, then the kleenex, followed by the two Imodia in their cases, along with Q-tips at the top that help keep the kleenex flatter and the pills on top, being about as long as an Altoid can. In the middle between the Imodium packages I keep the other pills.

So if I fall down on the way to the loo for a diarrhea bout after a highly acidic meal, scrape myself seriously, and hit an allergenic plant on the way down.

But mostly I just take the antacid.
I keep my MDMA in a Frisk box stashed inside a Tickle Me Elmo. I know, farking rav0rs.

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