Monday, May 16, 2005

Stabmaster J on "Livestrong" bracelets

OH holy fucking shit I hate this crap. There are all kind of douchebag ass fuckstains here at Campbell that wear this crap. Then people that arent in the Army ask me if I want them to wear one to support the troops or whatever. And I Say FUCK NO MOTHERFUCKER, I mean mom, because that shit is queer as a bitch. I mean shit who really gives a fuck about how many assbag causes you pretend to care about to feel good about yourself. And this other fuck in my squad wears like 2 or three of them when he goes to clubs to start conversations with bitches, and I'm like what are you a fucking queer? and he's like nah man it's cool and I'm like no it's queer cause you dont even know what them shits is for you just got ones that match your clothes. My roomate here wears a pink one because his mom has breast cancer or some stupid shit, whaa whaa boo hoo, I dont give a fuck what kind of shit that bitch is dying from you don't wear queer ass pink shit at work, especially a job where you are suppossed to be a cold blooded killer, it fucking says so in 670-1 "Badass infantry killing machines dont wear pink at work" or something like that. Or ever if you are gonna live in the same general space as me. Holy fucking shit. No one really cares so stop wearing that shit and let the dumbass disease ridden fuckbags die of cancer or war or whatever in peace without pretending you care so you can get some 'tang.

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