Sunday, June 12, 2005

eHarmony method?

My former flatmate worked for eHarmony for six months.

They're based here in Pasadena, CA, not too far from where I am now.

Here's what I can tell you about their matching system...
(This info is direct from their employee training material, which he kept):

- Christians are only to be matched with Christians, regardless if match percentage with another religion is higher.

- Atheists or agnostics are generally informed that they "have no matches"

- Sexual preferences other than "straight" are told that they have no matches.

eHarmony is a fundamentalist christian-run company. A fair portion of the staff is made up of members of the WorldWide Church of God (an apocalyptic cult, which has often voiced views of intolerance towards atheists, muslims, jews and homosexuals) which I attended with my parents as a child.

If you're anything but a fundamentalist christian, I can't in good conscience recommend to you.

Oh, yeah, and another thing about them;

One of the questions during the interview is:

"What is your position on same-sex matching?"

Answering anything other than "I am against it" will not get you hired. There is currently a class-action lawsuit in progress by two people I know, who were posed this question in the interview. One responded that they had no problem with it. She was dismissed immediately. The second one said "I have no position on it." and was hired. He was fired within two weeks for pairing two eHarmony customers of the same sex.

Oh, and their matching system isn't really done by computer; It's done by the customer service reps that sit there and sort through the applications, and select from a list of existing customers to match new customers with.


RJS said...

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RJS said...

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mckay said...

hmmm, when i was a member of i wasn't impressed with the christians they did send my way.

now i just troll the blogs in search of horny atheists. said...

You can now request a religious preference at eharmony that entails a more diverse mate possibility.