Sunday, March 26, 2006

The doorbell rings at 3AM

by Dorktron8000 @ Ars

I hear my mother get up downstairs, she looks out after the dog continues to bark. Eventally she asks me to come down because someone wants help, me being a large male will provide security from a "clockwork orange" type intrusion ;). Turns out that this person is a distraught female, although looking pretty shabby.

So she asks for some kind of help because aparently her ankle was broken and is in a wrap, yet without crutches or a brace. I being barely awake forget to observe if she even limps, though I guess not by now. The story is "I live 50 something miles away in some town you've never heard of, I broke this ankle and the hospital a block over called the police for me but they can only take me to city limits". She asks if we could spare money for a cab, which would come out to $38 (She stated she'd already called a cab company). We literally don't have any cash on hand so no...

My mom gets the bright idea to "try the cops" again but the woman gets nervous at mentioning that. My mom gets through and details the situation and they say they will take her, but tell my mom that this is the 5th call they've had. So without letting on she knows this info she says the popo are on their way to help and then the woman gets suddenly "uncontrolable nervousness", aka "I think I'm going to be sick, I'll wait on the front step". My mom urges to stay inside, to no affect.

So she sits on the front step after bitching about almost throwing up (yet not wanting to just use the restroom) and after 30 seconds she calls back inside and says she got a ride from her brother despite an earlier statement that the only family in the state was an invalid mother. How conveinent..."my cell works now, I didn't know I had any minutes left"

She takes off, and we figure out it's probably a serial scam for drugs since there are some dealers at the very tip of the street at the bad end. (we live on the good end, at the other tip)

She only chose the house because the light was on, so moral of the story is. "Lights might intimidate burglers, but they attract crazies".

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