Sunday, March 19, 2006

Myspace article

Yippie, the worst thing about the new Internet. What an aesthetic abortion.

Myspace: Design Anarchy That Works

One Ars discussion


You can't shut down Myspace! Ask yourself this: if myspace gets shut down, where will these taste-deprived barely-literate I-know-enough-about-computers-to-be-Dangerous-but-not-enough-to-know-this morons go? You want them roaming free on the internet? What if they got real homepages? What if they found out about, Beavis help us, domains?!? Say it with me now, ''.

Keep them in Myspace! That way, we all know where they are. We can see them all together, and laugh at them. It's like a zoo. You wouldn't ban all zoos and let the animals roam free would you? No, that would suck. Except for the lions, who have had all this wonderful meat they've never tasted 50' from them for years.

If you want to be responsible for more Icy Hot Stuntaz, then by all means, shut em down. But me? I wanna keep all the animals in the zoo, so I can take my kids on the weekend and laugh at em. I for one feel safer knowing they're all in their cages.

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