Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Sneeze's take on Myspace

Q: Some friends and I are on Myspace now.

It seemed like something I was supposed to do, but the truth is I don't really use it, or even understand why we're on there.

Can someone explain why everyone is on it?

A: "I'm on it, but I don't know why - it does have some good stuff music-wise, though, so that could be it. It's only good as long as the musician in question hasn't 'customised' the page though, cause some of the page customising going on at MySpace is awful. I don't know why, but apparently, in some people's minds, bright purple on neon green = OMFG AWESOME."

"I am not on it because it seems that it is just a place where people try to act like they are cool and try to tell us people about their boring lives.I have many friends who have one. I just don't see the point. I don't understand that some people do have a myspace to let someone far away know what it is going on. But that is only reason I see to have one."

"Just go around and find pictures to stare at, pretending you're a single, 22-year-old college kid, wishing the babe in the pictures in front to you was on the same campus as you."

"Most people dont know this, but myspace was originally created to be a page where new and upcoming bands could advertise themselves and put their songs on the internet to try and get some fame.

It came over new management somewhat recently and the new person changed it so that singular people could get their own profiles. It became a sight to whore yourself and your friends

What's myspace for? It's for bands to get some notoriety. Why are people like me and you on it? Because we're fuckers, that's why."

"The term 'lemming' comes to mind."

"I know that I'm on myspace because I'm a conformist asshole. It's a bit like facebook, except you don't have to be in college so all of the dropouts and seventh grade whores can be in on the fun too."

"Why do you have a myspace?

Because you have finally cracked.

The only thing myspace is good for is getting a couple of pedophile stalkers for whorish prepubescent girls in bikinis.
Or, I guess, getting some publicity if you're some kind of band that no one has heard of or cares about.
But mainly the first one."

"i'm on it so i look popular.

but i think i'm going to delete my profile soon. it's getting a lot of bad press lately."

"Myspace is just part of the entire Web 2.0 bubble that will eventually pop like every other fad. Flickr, Zooomr, LinkedIn, and thousands of other useless sites make money off teenagers trying to find other people interested in the same things. It's a social network, and it sucks. Forget finding friends near you which you can actually hang around with, digital friends are good enough for actual users of Myspace.

I personally think it's ironic that Myspace (and others) help you be social using a device that is notoriously anti-social, and find people with similar interests in a medium where it is so easy to lie."

"It's one of those teen-networking places, somehwere, much like blogger or livejournal, where children can post their angst online and pretend that the world cares.

But it does more than that, too! It's a popularity contest - everyone wants to have more "friends" than everyone else. It's a place for the socially marginalised to meet up, and complain about how the world hates them. It even acts as a hunting ground for scary old men looking for children to prey on ...

Finally, it does what the entire internet is for - allow people to pretend that they are someone and something that they are not - culturally, socially, physically, chronologically (well, ageically sounded even more stupid), and even genderifically. If you don't like who you are - you can be someone else on myspace."

"I got a MySpace a while back because a friend made me. I thought it was stupid, but I gave it a chance, expecting to delete it a week later. But I didn't. I kind of liked it, and I don't know why. It's like drugs. It made me feel good when I was on it. "Glee! A picture comment! Let's see what they have to say! ...I can't read that! Oh well! Somebody said something about me and my stupid toothbrush ninja picture!""

"I don't know why I'm on Myspace, either. I think the draw is simply the sheer number of people that have accounts. It's pretty cool to find people that, up until that point, you were pretty sure were dead or in prison. The "Holy crap! I remember you!" factor is pretty high. So I check back every now and then to party like it's 1997."

"Myspace is big 'away message.' It's like, instead of talking to your friends face to face, you leave them lots of online post-it notes. What's the fun in that?

Also, if you ever plan to delete your Myspace account, brace yourself to face the wrath of your friends. When I told all of my friends that I was deleting it, they suddenly transformed into these gross zombie-esque creatures, with wide, blank eyes and slurred speech, all creeping closer, asking 'why would you do such a thing?!' and 'do you even want to be my friend anymore?!' Scary."

"oh my dear. it's alright, the thing with myspace is that you think it's really stupid before you use it and then after you get into it you STILL think it's stupid but you can't stop.

it's a little bit like crack cocaine."

"And NOTHING is worse than those people that are constantly using the school computers to browse around Myspace land. Well, I guess child molesters and rapists are, BUT THAT'S IT."

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